National Assessment of Educational Progress c. 1997

Markovits and Sowder (1991) (as reported by Sowder [1995]) found in a 1991 study that most middle-grades children were unsuccessful with a set of tasks that mixed fraction and decimal notation. Item 7 shown in detail in table 5.14 was answered correctly by only half of the twelfth-grade students. The item had at least three features that may have made it especially difficult: It used a mix of decimal and fraction notation in the prompt it involved a number line that was two units long and it also had three segments per unit while asking the student to locate a decimal with an understood denominator of 100.
Markovits Zvia and Judith Sowder. "Students Understanding of the Relationship between Fractions and Decimals." Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics 13 (January 1991): 3-11.

Sowder Judith T. "Instructing for Rational Number Sense." In Providing a Foundation for Teaching Mathematics in the Middle Grades pp. 15-29. Albany N.Y.: State University of New York (SUNY) Press

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